Teething Remedies

No matter how much a parent wants, you cannot take your baby’s discomfort on yourself. However, you can make it better. Here are Teething Remedies which can help your teething baby go right through their phase:


Teething babies chew and bite a lot and there is a reason behind it. Chewing action produces counter-pressure and helps to relieve the discomfort. While babies generally start to chew the plastic toys themselves, chewing is more effective when the chewing object is cold. Cold chewing makes the gums go numb and provide a short relief from the ache. Make sure you have a big supply of teething toys or cold washcloths in the fridge (not in the freezer.)

Soft Massage

If the tooth has not yet erupted or the gums haven’t been bruised, massage and friction can work wonders. Though, your baby might resist in the beginning, massage his or her cheeks and chin softly. You can even rub the gums softly with a clean finger.


Unique teething devices such as Gumdoc relieves the teething baby from all the aches and discomfort. It provides the baby with a friendly and safe device to chew and bite to reduce the feeling of pain of teething. Gumdoc also sends vibration to open the Eustachion tube to prevent ear infections and blockages. The Gumdoc’s head can be replaced to be used as per baby preference for more than one baby, or when it wears out.

Teething tricks you shouldn’t try

Rigid foods like crackers, frozen bagels, and frozen fruits and vegetables. They appeal to a baby’s intense urge to chew, but when gnawed on long enough they can come apart in choke-hazardous chunks.

Rubbing a little brandy on swollen gums. Even tiny amounts of alcohol can be poisonous to a baby.