Relieve the Discomfort of your Teething Baby with GUMDOC™

Gumdoc - Baby Teething Pain Relief Massager

Teething is a very painful and uncomfortable time for the babies and it is a rather challenging time for the parents. A teething baby is very difficult to deal with. From continuous drooling and crying to irritability and lack of appetite, changes a baby to a little person with bad attitude. However, it is only the parents who understand what their babies are going through.

Some babies feel no discomfort or ache while teething. The only evidence parents get about the fact that their baby is teething is the partially erupted tooth. Nevertheless, some babies have to go through a whole lot of aches, pain and discomfort during teething. To relieve their teething baby, parents try all kinds of remedies available in the market. Pediatricians believe that parents should let the teething baby go through the teething pain with simple remedies like chewing and soft massage on the gums with fingers. Cold things and counter-pressure is the ultimate remedy for a teething baby rather than medication or frozen solid food. In the last few years, the medical industry has come up with quite a few devices for helping babies go through teething with minimum discomfort.

GUMDOC™ is one such unique device. A massager with a vibrator, GUMDOC™ massages the gums of a baby while he or she chews on it. Using GUMDOC™ is intuitive even for the little babies. GUMDOC™ device has two different pair of heads—Pacifier shaped and Duck shaped, which can be used according to the preference of the baby. Both detachable heads are made from ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR), which is safe for babies to chew and bite on.

GUMDOC™ is all about massaging the gums of your baby. Pediatricians are all about the soft massage on the gums of a teething baby and GUMDOC™ does the same. With its vibrations (the intensity of vibrations can be adjusted), GUMDOC™ massages the gums and relieves baby of the continuous ache.

Teething does not last forever. Nevertheless, it is a complicated phase for your baby. With GUMDOC™, your baby’s teething pain will be over, before you even know it.