• Gumdoc - Baby Teething Pain Relief Massager

    Teething is a very painful and uncomfortable time for the babies and it is a rather challenging time for the parents. A teething baby is very difficult to deal with. From continuous drooling and crying to irritability and lack of appetite, changes a baby to a little person with bad attitude. However, it is only the parents who understand what their babies are going through.


Massager for baby teething pain relief

GUMDOC™ is a massager made to help your baby through the period of teething and to relieve the pain that comes with it. The GUMDOC™, a baby teething pain relief massager provides the baby with a friendly and safe device to chew and bite to reduce the feeling of pain.

GUMDOC™ is a patented device that helps reduce the baby’s discomfort and gum swelling by massaging the gums gently while the baby chews on it. The Gumdoc’s head can be replaced to be used as per baby preference for more than one baby, or when it wears out.

Gumdoc - Baby Teething Pain Relief Massager


Massager for baby teething pain relief

The GUMDOC™ is a great home care product from Kencap Medical Solutions. We pride ourselves on over 20 years of innovation & a unique approach to solving everyday conditions in the healthcare industry. We devote ourselves to making people’s lives better, with various solutions for healthcare and home care. We look for new ways to solve these conditions, using advanced techniques and vast experience.

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